Impact Academy Core Services

Since launching in 2016, Impact Academy has designed a set of core services that align with the need I have identified in many nonprofits who are interested in building data-driven strategies to enhance the impact and scope of their work. The Core Services Model consists of 5 phases of engagement that helps organizations build strategies that are reflective of the mission, vision and values of the organization and rooted in the needs of their communities and program participants:


Phase 1: Discovery & Needs Assessment

Through the use of my data informed rubric, targeted staff & participant surveys, focus interviews and document discovery, Impact Academy helps organizations identify key areas of strength and opportunity for growth in their data informed practices.


Phase 2: Mission, Vision & Logic Model Design

Through a customized 3-hour workshop, Impact Academy uniquely leverages the stories of staff & program participants to examine whether the organization is meeting the current mission & vision. In part 2 of the workshop, participants begins building a logic model framework that will become the basis for how the organization’s investments (financial & human) and activities lead to outputs and outcomes aligned with the mission, vision & goals.


Phase 3: Literature Review, Industry Benchmarking & Metrics Map

Impact Academy will conduct research to build an evidence-base of best practices for achieving and measuring outcomes specified during the discovery and logic model phases. In addition, Impact Academy will benchmark the organization’s practices against peer organizations and begin to build the Metrics Map – a catalog of evidence-based success measures aligned with the logic model, mission & vision. This Metrics Map will become the basis for surveys & other evaluation tools.


Phase 4: Success Dashboard Design & Training

Using a design thinking approach, Impact Academy designs a data system & visual dashboard that aggregates data from multiple sources to help clients track their success towards goals and trains staff on using the dashboard to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and outcomes data.

Other Services

  • ​Data Analysis: I can conduct data analysis on existing data and produce comprehensive reports of impact areas and data informed insights for improvement or reporting.

  • Data Systems Design: I can help design your organization wide data system to provide you and your staff with centralized data reports & dashboards. I am a certified administrator


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